Van Gogh

If you are someone who has loves history and also are a huge fan of the art by many famous artists of the history. If that’s true then you must have heard of the very famous Van Gogh. He is one of the most famous painter back in the time, who gained fame for his painting and few of the other incidents during his lifetime.

Even though, there are rumors that Van Gogh sold only one painting during his entire career. But he sure did make some brilliant paintings during his lifetime. Like we said, we will share with you the most famous works of the Van Gogh.

What are his famous works?
Van Gogh painted a lot of beautiful and vibrant pictures in his complete lifetime, and we are grateful to him for all the masterpiece he painted in his lifetime. We will list down the few of the famous works of Van Gogh, and they are,

1. Potato Eaters

Many people say that Potato Easter’s is one of the first paintings of Van Gogh, however the truth is that it was one of his earliest paintings. He did spend a couple of years while making this painting in low light and explaining the misery of the people. In his letter to his brother he wrote, that with his painting he wanted the people to get an idea of how these folks sit by their lamps and eat potatoes. This picture is close to manual labour and these people in the painting have earned the potatoes that they are eating.

2. The Red Vineyard at Arles

One of the most famous and talked about Van Gogh’s painting is The Red Vineyard at Arles. This is supposed to be the only painting that he sold during his lifetime. This painting is now displayed in the Pushkin museum of fine arts in Moscow. People say that there are many other pairings that Van Gogh sold during his lifetime but The Red Vineyard at Arles is the only one that has been sold and people know about it.
The Red Vineyard at Arles was painted just two months before the ear lobe incident, where Van Gogh cut of his own ears and presented it to a prostitute.

3. The Night Café

This painting’s scene is called as one of the ugliest, that too by Van Gogh. He had painted the scene of a café, that he had spent three in. He slept during the days and painted, as he said the terrible passions of reality’. Just like the painting the Potato Easter’s this also had the
similar effects and showed the misery of the world. How showed the grim of the world and the situation of the people at that point of time.

4. Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers

Another masterpiece by Van Gogh is the famous Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers. With this masterpiece he changes his style of painting from dark colors and scenes to bright colors and scene. He moved to a house in Arles and began with a seven still paintings of the sunflowers. These pictures were painting in completely yellow hues.

He wanted to create a cooperative community of the artists at the yellow house. He wrote in a letter in the year 1890 that he apologizes for the fact that his pictures are a cry for anguish, but with his Vase with Fifteen sunflowers he symbolized gratitude.

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